The Declaration of White Independence: The Kairos has come for Revolution


 The Declaration of White Independence

A unilateral assertion offered to and for consider­ation by the European Descended People of the fifty united States of America and all people of European descent regardless of spacial or temporal propinquity.

 When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one People to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume, among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the Eternal Separation.

 We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all the Peoples of mankind are created morally equal; that each is endowed by the Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these rights are life, liberty, and the perpetuation of their Kind.

 Governments are instituted to secure these rights; as such, governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed. Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of its Founding People to alter or to abolish it and to institute a new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, that as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety, self-preservation, collective survival, and happiness.

Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and, accordingly, all experience hath shown, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

But, when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government and to provide new Guards for their future security, self-preservation, and collective survival.

Such has been the patient sufferance of these European Descended People, and such is now the necessity that constrains them to alter their systems of government. The history of the modern Federal Government is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations: all having as direct ends the dispossession, displacement, demise, establishment of an absolute tyranny over, and ultimate extirpation of European Descended People. To prove this, let facts be submitted before a candid world: ––

The modern Federal Government has struck down all laws indispensable for the preservation, survival, and flourishing of European Descended People, and it has refused its assent to laws most wholesome and nec­essary toward such ends, but instead, it has imposed upon us alien laws and customs, resulting in the classi­fication of European Descended People as lesser beings: legally, economically, socially, culturally, humanly, and spiritually.

The modern Federal Government has rendered inoperable genuine representative government and authentic democratic practices, partly through the rei­fication of a traitorous plutocratic elite, partly through the perpetuation of a one-party political system – which it has deceitfully decorated with the prosce­nium trappings of a multi-party political system; its nefarious objective being the casting of shadowy illusions of political alternatives – and partly through an odious, seditious, and wicked alliance with Judeo-corporate powers that control the flow, presentation, and selection of information to European Descended People.

The modern Federal Government has willfully, ma­liciously, premeditatedly, and with malice aforethought, capitulated to the organized interests of world Jewry, the organized interests of international plutocracy, and to its own organized interests by creating a deracinated, balkanized, and manipulatable electorate through the insidious importation of millions of non-European de­scended people into our Homelands, domestically by de facto and de jure acquiescence and abroad through influence and intrigue.

And, thereby, the modern Federal Government has rendered meaningful redress of our grievances to suf­fer constant and ubiquitous frustration; moreover, it is now proceeding to criminalize our resistance to its unholy subterfuge – whether our resistance is physical or verbal it cares not.

The modern Federal Government has refused to fund or otherwise enable all manners of public admin­istration and weal; accordingly, it has furthered its ma­lignant designs by stipulating that the national purse shall not open for those incompliant with its schemes and complots of balkanization and coerced anomie. The Federal tyrants have wielded their tax and spend pow­ers so as to impose upon our People a policy of enforced indoctrination into the modern Federal Government’s specious ideology, said specious ideology being dem­onstrated as internally contradictory and illogical by consideration of the following three contentions:

1. The modern Federal Government forces “ra­cial diversity” – even at the point of a bayonet – upon European Descended People, yet when Europe­an Descended People resist its perfidious tyranny, the modern Federal Government simultaneously proclaims that mankind are all the same, that there are no such entities as “races,” and that there is only the “human race.” In other words, the modern Federal Government asserts concurrently that mankind are all the same, yet each belongs to its own biological subset – that there are subsets of humanity that differ from one another, but there are no subsets of humanity that differ from one another.

Yet, if race does not exist and if we are all the same, then there is no “diversity” to begin with; therefore, to enforce a policy that has diversity as its linchpin is sheer madness that requires no refutation.

So, we see that when the best interests of non-Eu­ropean descended people are at issue, RACE EXISTS and must be taken into account, by force if necessary, in all facets of life and to whatever degree can be attained, yet when the best interests of European Descended Peo­ple are at issue, RACE DOES NOT EXIST and “we” are all the same, and to claim otherwise is not only an act of “hate” and indicative of a mental disease or de­fect, but it shall soon be criminal, too.

Either distinct subsets of humanity exist or they do not. The modern Federal Government has implicitly and explicitly, with crystalline clarity, resolved that di­verse subsets of humanity do exist. Its logic is inextrica­bly wedded to this proposition, and simply issuing an edict and dropping a gavel cannot now serve to recant its reasoning. The modern Federal Government now has “diversity” as a goal in and of itself, without con­sideration for remedying alleged past injustices or dis­crimination: so, prior discrimination no longer serves as a classification of those who benefit from diversity’s corollary privileges, e.g., affirmative action – only race is left to supply this distinction.

That the modern Federal Government speaks from both sides of its mouth is simply additional documen­tation that it is captive to the following five forces: the Jewish-Zionists’ ethno-stratagem of dividing and con­quering; the plutocrats’ addiction to cheap, docile labor; the bought-politicians’ racket of vitiated votes via open borders; the Zio-morphed, politically-correct Christians’ surreal universalism; and the “minority” special interest groups. It is transparently obvious that the modern Federal Government’s duplic­ity, cowardice, and venality know no bounds.

If you have never grasped the true significance of the Orwellian oxymoron: “Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer,” you do now, and when you add: “People of Color, Women, and Gay-Lesbian-Bisexual People are Encouraged to Apply,” you can be­gin to perceive the twisted dishonesty inherent in the System.

2a. The first responsive argument to the above line of reasoning proceeds as follows: “‘race’ exists, but only in the form of superficial differences, e.g., eye color, hair texture, skin pigmentation, external facial features, and other external and internal physical characteristics, etc.” This responsive argument is usually the Bastards’ first line of defense; moreover, it is further proof that the ideology of the modern Federal Government and its allies is specious and cannot withstand the application of logic.

For, if race affects everything we CAN see, then how is it proper to so flippantly dismiss the possibility that race affects everything we CAN’T see? And, indeed, the evidence is overwhelming that race is more than skin deep, but instead cuts straight to the bone and continues on to the soul: how one acts, how one thinks, the respective cultures and civilizations that are created by the separate races, personality charac­teristics, the demeanor – and the very thought pro­cesses – one possesses, to say nothing of other internal physiological differences.

So, the “superficial differences” argument, advo­cated by the modern Federal Government and its allies, is nothing but an intellectual sleight of hand by which they seek to further impose their agenda of balkaniza­tion and mongrelization. Their position occupies the summit of a “slippery slope,” and once the modern Fed­eral Government and its allies are forced to resort to this first responsive argument, pushing them down is not difficult.

Therefore, it is telling to note that the modern Fed­eral Government and its allies, purposely and with full knowledge of the stakes involved, refuse to fund and seek to prohibit the free and open scientific inquiry into any and all racial differences.

2b. The second responsive argument to the afore­mentioned line of reasoning is that distinct races do not exist, but distinct cultures do exist. This second responsive argument not only fails, but it also annihi­lates – with utter finality – the modern Federal Gov­ernment’s position. The modern Federal Government has aided and abetted a program of multiculturalism, the lodestar of which is intrinsically racial in nature: people not of European descent are automatically at­tributed with possessing a non-European derived culture, with which they purportedly enrich and invig­orate our societies and civilization upon arriving in our European Homelands. This assumption can only be true if there are indelible, Nature-imposed distinctions between European Descended People and non-European descended people. It is respectfully and humbly sub­mitted before Almighty Providence that no such  distinctions can exist supernaturally and that, there­fore, the sources of these distinctions are found in the bloods of mankind, in the teleological totality of man­kinds’ existences as social animals, in their genes: in short, in their separate dimensions as distinct races.

The absolutely necessary yet furtively implicit assumption of multiculturalism is that the various Peoples of mankind carry their respective cultures with them as biological baggage; this is a tacit admis­sion that race exists. For, what is an indelible, Nature-imposed distinction between European Descended People and non-European descended people that results in their carrying their respective cultures with them as biological baggage, if it isn’t race? Here the Zionist-Jews and their allies – avaricious plutocrats; myopic, Zio-morphed, politically-correct, nim­bus-numbed Christians; and sanguinary non-Whites – will twist, distort, and prevaricate. In short, they will do anything but concede the point, and as long as the modern Federal Government is in cahoots with them, they will carry the day. Yet, though they label said dif­ference what they will, we learned the true nature of a rose from Shakespeare.

3. European Descended People ask for a Homeland, living space, and a habitat, and we are told that the mere posing of this suggestion is an act of hate, intoler­ance, and criminality.

Non-European descended people are not only de­manding the preservation of their indigenous home­lands, living spaces, and habitats, but they are now also – as a matter of right – demanding and taking the Homelands, living spaces, and habitats of European Descended People.

And how does the modern Federal Government re­spond? The Federal tyrants tax us, so that they can fund Israel; thereby, we are subsidizing Israel as it undertakes projects such as its Apartheid Wall, even while our southern border is disappearing, non-Whites are openly and brazenly advocating revanchism (e.g., Azt­lan, M.E.Ch.A & La Raza), and the sovereignty of our Blood is being eroded incessantly, porously, and per­vasively by uncontrolled non-White immigration and non-White birthrates.

The modern Federal Government uses non-White immigration to lower our wages; drive our women into the workforce; destroy our sense of belongingness and cohesiveness; dilute our voting power; degrade our environment, culture, quality of life, and civilization, thereby purposefully discouraging our People from bringing life into this world; submerge our sublime Blood in a hellish, crime ridden inferno of non-White lawlessness, riots, dislocation, envy, and barbarism – all with the final and ineluctable objective being the ge­netic extirpation of European Descended People: the closing move in a zero-sum game of racial-realpolitik.

And Judah smirks his sinister smirk and marks an­other day off his satanic calendar.


The facts thus ensuing are hereby submitted before a candid world: the above explication of the modern Federal Government’s political ideology succinctly, amply, and beyond question demonstrates that, by vir­tue of the modern Federal Government’s own policies and practices:

• Race exists;72

• Culture is biologically associated with race;

• The modern Federal Government is racist and has undertaken a policy of dispossessing, displacing, and ultimately extirpating European Descended People from their ancestral Homelands and from their more recently acquired living spaces.

And further of grievances:

The modern Federal Government has aided and abetted the Zionist-Jews in their campaign of extor­tion, swindling, and genocide against European De­scended People. The modern Federal Government has purposely and consistently funded institutions and aca­demic programs – with our tax money – that incorpo­rate only the Zionist-Jews’ perspective of the alleged historical occurrence they’ve self-servingly and neologi­cally labeled the “Holocaust.”

How many ostensible historical events have but one legally acceptable interpretation, the slightest deviation from which can result in incarceration, loss of employment, civil lawsuits, and state sponsored harassment of all sorts? The answer is that there is only one such ostensible historical event, said event being the Jewish-Zionist guilt-trip, gentile control mechanism, and trump card for justifying Jewish-Zionist atrocities: the sacrosanct Holocaust.

We may look at history and see times when our People were slaughtered wholesale, by the tens of mil­lions in the case of the genocidal Jewish Bolshevik mass murderers in revolutionary73 Russia, yet our People’s memory receives no state sponsored status of invio­lability. This state of affairs speaks for itself. One need probe no deeper, but rather, see, now, that the “Ho­locaust,” regardless of whatever truth it may actually contain, has as its principle purposes:

a. A mace with which the Jewish-Zionists blud­geon the skulls of European Descended People, repress dissent and alternative viewpoints, and discredit and heap scorn upon anyone and any­thing that does not march in ideological lock­step with the Jewish-Zionist agenda.

b. A shield with which the Jewish-Zionists deflect criticism of their pernicious machinations and their inhuman cabals.

c. A cash cow by virtue of which the Jewish-Zionists have been milking the udders of European Descended People through multiple combinations of guilt, extortion, swindling, linguistic contortions, and acrobatic tongue-wagging – all of which are designed to disarm and anesthetize us, so that our Blood is all the more easier for the Bastards to siphon.

Where is the White politician who will stand – with spine straight and chest out – and simply say to the “Holocaust” industry:74

“Let us assume that there is any degree of truth whatsoever to your assertions. In that event, still, we say to you: ‘It is high time that you stop guilt-tripping the world; the Kairos has come for the Peoples of this planet to pursue the Path of the Upward Spiral. And do not tell us that “we must never forget,” because “we” most certainly have forgotten about the multitudes of mass murders and acts of genocide throughout recorded human history, including the Marxist-Jew mass murder of tens of millions of White European Christians in revolutionary Russia and the Marxist-Jew campaign of mass murder and mass rape dished out to millions of Germans before and after the fall of the Third Reich. These people too had souls. These people too were human. The murder of these tens of millions of people too was tragic.’”

Every single conceivable act of self-preservation has been denied us, all because, whine the Judeo-corporate media, our most minuscule attempt to preserve our People will ineluctably and invariably set off a slippery slope chain of events, culminating in yet another “Holocaust” against “God’s Chosen.”

What never get asked are questions such as these: “Why is the Jewish bloodline so worth preserving, yet our beautiful young women are brainwashed by the Judeo-corporate media into bedding down with anything but their own Kind?” “Why couldn’t the Zionist-Jews’ most minuscule attempt to preserve their People ineluctably and invariably set off a slippery slope chain of events, culminating in a ‘Holocaust’ against a gentile People?” And of course, the answer to the latter question is that it already has. The Bolshevik Zionist-Jews in revolutionary Russia murdered tens of millions of European Descended People, and the Bolshevik Zionist-Jews murdered millions more of our People before and after the fall of the Third Reich. Zionist-Jews all over the world are united with the Zionist-Jews in Israel, and they are waging a sometimes lightning fast, sometimes glacially slow, generation-by-generation campaign of genocide against the Palestinian people. Perceptive European Descended People are aware of the atrocities that Judah has perpetrated against us on the North American continent, and Zionist-Jews have done much to bring about the death of our Blood in southern Africa; moreover, Helen Suzman, Joe Slovo, and the Electronic Cult of Death – television – were important factors in the ultimate capitulation of the South African National Party. Television is furthermore a catalyst with which Judeo-corporate powers seek to poison the Celestial Empire, a stimulus via which Judah contrives to sap the Arab people’s will to fight, and a propaganda organ used by Zionist-Jews to flood their “minority” minions into our ancestral European Homelands with the infernal purpose of dissolving Western, White nation-states.

To all this and more, the modern Federal Government has been and remains an accomplice in a criminal conspiracy to destroy European Descended People: our culture, our heritage, our civilization, and our gene pool. The international plutocrats see a global market with few or no impediments to their profits; the Zionist-Jews see a New World Order, a planetary Platonic cave, where Judah rules through media lies here, through a NATO / United Nations’ military apparatus there, and everywhere by denigrating mankinds’ very souls to the plane of the automaton: a global sweatshop where ALL the Peoples of the world are purposely kept on survival treadmills and handsome tribute is paid to / levied by the desert Tribe self-designated as “The Chosen” – and the non-European people of the planet derive the world-historical revenge they so desperately crave; the Zionist-Jews and the a-racial plutocrats co-opt the governments of White nation-states and use them as mechanisms to distribute the White man’s hard-earned wealth among the non-white hordes, to flood his living spaces with non-European descended people, and to indoctrinate his White women to refuse to bring White children into this world, but instead to witlessly mate with non-White men, who return the favor by taking his jobs, his land, his freedom: in short, by taking everything worth having from the White man. And all the while, black-hearted Judah is there, lurking in the dark recesses, pulling strings, placing calls, buying politicians, swindling, extorting, lobbying, spreading his electronic lies, corrupting every decent and noble aspect of White life until the whole rotten, filthy, maggot-riddled mound of carrion wafts stench up to the Creator Himself.

The Israel Lobby has hijacked the modern Fed­eral Government, and Judah is yearly bilking billions of American dollars from our treasury, to fund, among other things, his:

a. Zionist-Racist-Theocratic-Apartheid ethno-state of Israel.

b. Buying-off the Arab elites, most notably the palace lackeys in the Saudi Arabian and Egyp­tian plutocracies.

c. Network of spies and assassins.75

d. Further ensconcing himself in his dominant position in the mass media of the world and in the economic, judicial, academic, political, and cultural milieux of the Homelands of European Descended People.

e. Campaign to make the entire world hate us as much as it hates him, such that the illusion is created that it is “Israel and the United States, against the world, hand-in-hand, fighting for de­mocracy, human rights, freedom, justice, peace, and enlightenment” – all the pretty words that Judah uses to mask what he really means and what his objectives really are: the domination, bastardization, and subjugation of ALL the Peoples of the world, to serve “God’s Chosen” as they live in their Jewish-Zionist utopia of a Greater Israel and spend their time splitting hairs over Talmudic interpretations, all of which would be nothing less than the fulfillment of the Old Testament.

The Israel Lobby76 has converted and transformed American foreign policy into a cheerleading choir in support of the Zionist-Jews’ global agenda. Everywhere the Zionist-Jews preach inclusion, tolerance, diversity, non-White immigration, affirmative action, a-racial democracy, miscegenation, cultural debasement, atomism, and anomie – and these things they preach to European Descended People. To their fellow Tribesmen, however, they preach exclusion, intolerance, homogeneity, Jewish-only immigration based on the Jewish bloodline, pervasive state sponsored discrimination favoring genetic Jews, a Jewish blood-based theocratic state built on Jewish supremacy, laws governing and protecting Jewish blood-based marriages, an uncompromising love for and preservation of Jewish culture, social cohesion and unity through a Jewish blood-based society, and a deep sense of rooted-ness and belongingness for those of Jewish blood.

And to stand opposed to this is called racism and anti-Semitism.

If this be racism and anti-Semitism – make the most of it!

Let us, the European Descended People, say this to the Zionist-Jews, now and with finality:

“We have paid your ‘Holocaust’ tab, to include your customary rate of usury: now GO! We do not want you among us. You are a curse and a plague to every decent and noble aspiration known to our People. For every alleged loss suffered by the Jewish people, we have suf­fered in spades:

“In ‘minority’-on-White crime;

“In countless White millions never born so that we could accommodate your ‘wretched refuse’ from foreign shores;

“In open borders and exported industries;

“In the destruction and devastation of our environ­ment and our wildlife;77

“In the defilement of the holonic Holy Holo­gram and the corruption of the cosmic Brotherhood of Sentience;

“In the contamination of our food, air, water, soil, and Blood;

“In being forcibly, exorbitantly taxed to subsidize the spawning of our dispossessors;

“In having the political genius of our Founding Fathers’ grand scheme twisted beyond recognition to accommodate your ‘civil rights’ and your various ‘lib­eration movements’;

“In turning our electoral system into racial censuses, while you piously claim race does not exist;

“In transmogrifying our beautiful North American White Homeland into a multicultural, diverse cesspool of corruption, vice, degeneracy, and barbarism;

“In being hijacked into sending billions upon bil­lions of dollars in military and economic aid to Swin­dlers’ Central – or what you refer to as Israel;

“In providing unconditional resources and servile diplomatic support to your precious Jewish People, until finally the world hates us almost as much as it hates you. Yet, you – and your bought-politicians – have the gall, the audacity, and the chutzpah78 to tell European Descended Americans that we are hated because we are ‘free,’ and then you instigate wars with your Islamic en­emies: kosher-plutocratic Crusades, waged against the sovereign Peoples of the Middle East, in which more American blood, treasure, and prestige will be thrown down your Zionist Rat hole;

“Go forth from among us now – and never return. Let us see which of us can do without the other. Once the parasite stops bleeding the host, the host recovers his vigor, but the parasite withers and dies. So be it. Go to Israel, all of you. Bask in your Zionism. Celebrate your racial homogeneity and your separatism. Wor­ship your God. We have our own Destiny, and it does not include you or your ‘minority’ minions. We are not skulking vampires who stalk the starless night; we do not need to suck the Lifeblood of the innocent. When Judah is an exclusively self-contained entity and is no­where a parasitic Diaspora-minority presence among others, then shall he set upon the Path of the Upward Spiral.”

And further of grievances:

The modern Federal Government has gerryman­dered electoral districts with the express, explicit purposes of increasing non-White voting strength and diluting the voting strength of European Descended People.

The modern Federal Government has willfully failed to discharge its duty to protect our national borders, and it has turned a blind eye toward the non-White hordes invading our lands and eating out our substance.

The modern Federal Government has bastardized our laws; ZOG has cast aside our most precious notions regarding liberty and justice by imposing Hate Crime laws upon us – these “laws” are merely precedents pre­saging the incremental implementation of ever more comprehensive and repressive thought-crime / speech-crime legislation – that serve only to enhance the punishment of the few White-on-“minority” offenders, while doing absolutely nothing to deter the overwhelm­ing and pervasive criminal race war of “minority”-on-White crime. ZOG has classified all non-Whites as endangered species.

The modern Federal Government has politicized the judicial system by allowing our People to become brainwashed by the controlled media, and thereby the black-robed tyrants have obstructed the administration of justice; consequently, judges render decisions that dovetail with the agenda of the inner party (i.e., the state within a state) and juries deliberate in sky castles created for them by the corporate “main­stream” media-system of control and indoctrination: this is our land of the free, this is our home of the brave – a virtual Vortexcrement!

The modern Federal Government has willfully en­gaged in staged historical events, and it has done so with the intention of using said events as pretexts to justify actions that our People would never have oth­erwise condoned: Pearl Harbor and the World Trade Center “attack” are but two cogent examples.

The modern Federal Government has set along the path of racial balkanization and fragmentation, and as the resulting chaos leads to increasing conflict and dissension, the concatenated tumult is simply being used by the modern Federal Government as a ruse and a smokescreen to amass its police state powers: the amassing of which is in turn enabling ever greater degrees of ethnic entropy – ethnropy – to exist within a single political entity; that these dynamics can only end in the ultimate disintegration of the American na­tion is of no concern to the bought-politicians. They play racial politics and sell their very souls to Judah for a few nice words in the Judeo-corporate media and for tidy sums of Jewish-Zionist money in their cam­paign coffers. They vote themselves large pay raises and “golden parachutes” when they’re not busy draft­ing new legislation to strip us of even more of our freedoms.

And who foots the bill for all of this plutocratic-corporate corruption, all of this Zionist treachery and treason, all of this non-White crime and savagery: who pays?

Our Ancestors, our Posterity, and our selves – in short, it is the White man who pays. It is the White man, from North America to southern Africa, from the Urals to Australia, who pays. It is the White man – all he has been, all he is now, all he can be – who pays. It is the White man who is being ethnically cleansed from the face of this planet: all the while it is Judah who portrays himself as the eternal victim, the omnipresent sufferer, the violin-playing philanthropist, and the in­nocent humanitarian who is forever being persecuted by pathological anti-Semites.

From the resplendence of the Parthenon79 to the pilgrimage of the Apollo, from the plains of Marathon to the ramparts of the Alamo, from lionhearted King Leonidas to mettled Charles Martel: We are under attack; from sagacious Themisto­cles to stalwart Stonewall Jackson, from the indefatiga­ble resolve at Valley Forge to the pass at Thermopylae to the united Germanic clans at Nedao, from the straits of Salamis to the gates of Vienna to the Vow at Blood River: We shall triumph!

Australia, Europe, North America, and southern Africa – is there a place on the globe where this cancer­ous scourge, this kosher catastrophe, is not threatening the Spontaneous Speciation of European Descended People? The answer is “No.” And no reasonable per­son can plausibly maintain that it’s all just one big, incredible coincidence. No, the truth is diabolical: We – the European Descended People – have been marked for extinction. Our aspiring executioners are a-racial, traitorous, international plutocrats; Ichor-sucking Jewish-Zionists; swarming, teeming hordes of non-Whites; pederastic priests who peddle their poisonous religious doctrines to our People and to the proliferating masses of Third World proletarians; and a criminally complicit Federal Government. This, my fellow Whites, is ZOG.

The modern Federal Government is toying with the idea of repealing the Posse Comitatus Act, thereby placing the military in the direct line of domestic po­lice activity.

The modern Federal Government has criminalized free speech under the guise of Hate Speech.

The modern Federal Government has outlawed freedom of association, the freedom of choosing one’s neighbors, the freedom of disposing of one’s property as one sees fit, and the freedom to send one’s children to schools of one’s choice; it has done all this and more to accommodate the Jewish-Zionist campaign of “civil rights” – a misnomer more accurately termed anti-White oppression.

The modern Federal Government, in the name of fighting the Zionist-Jew instigated “war on terror,” is seeking to establish secret military tribunals for trying criminally accused American citizens.

The modern Federal Government has combined with others to subject us to jurisdictions foreign to our Constitution, and it has given its assent to assigning our sovereign rights and privileges to various interna­tional power structures.

The modern Federal Government has waged a vil­lainous, pitiless war on autochthonous80 Peoples the world over, better known as globalization – which is a euphemism for the twenty-first century’s equivalent of the eighteenth century’s enclosure movement: ZOG’s dysfunctional quest is the destruction of ALL homoge­neous, opposing centers of power.

The modern Federal Government, through chi­canery, fraud, and manipulation, has purged our once free, proud, prosperous White constitutional Repub­lic of its backbone – the Jeffersonian yeomanry / small farmer – and it has engendered agribusiness abomina­tions and factory-farm profanations, scourges to farm­ers, sentient animals, food, and land alike. Thereby, the modern Federal Government has concentrated and centralized ownership and control of our fertile farm­lands and food supply into the hands of the Judeo-plutocratic police state, obliterated our Blood’s best stock, decimated our rural lands and our bucolic cul­ture, and set the stage for a Bolshevik-NKVD-Zimbabwe style campaign of forced famine and starvation – all to ensure ZOG’s political supremacy during the coming socio-economic meltdown. Our dispossession, displace­ment, and ethnic cleansing have thus been expedited, while power has surreptitiously been transferred to our Judaic-plutocratic Overlords. And Judah’s “minority” minions are eagerly awaiting their chance to graduate from “ordinary street crime” to state sanctioned rape camps for White women, the establishment of “re-education” facilities for politically-incorrect White men, the ritual sacrificing and torturing of White in­fants and children, and ZOG’s formal imprimatur for White genocide. This is the fate that Whoremaster Ju­dah and his Augean stable of “White” race-traitor plu­tocratic pimps have conspired to befall us, and this is Yahweh’s answer to the politically-correct, Christian-Zionists’ prayers for apocalyptical Armageddon.

The modern Federal Government has transformed our once prosperous, safe, cultured, and gleaming White cities into crime-infested nests of organized tribal gangs that prey upon our People, roam our urban jungles in packs, spread like a kosher cancer through­out our Homelands, and provide shock troop capacity and electoral potency to the Judeocracy.

The modern Federal Government has, at enormous expense to us, created a massive military power – the greatest in the history of the world. The modern Federal Government has time and again clearly demonstrated that it has no compunction in using this military power to overthrow genuine democracies and to aid and abet the Zionist, apartheid entity of Israel in its various wars of conquest and subjugation.

The modern Federal Government has time and again clearly demonstrated that it has no compunc­tion in using its military power to intervene on behalf of the plutocrats, by prying open foreign markets and seizing natural resources, while positing the ridiculous justification that its objective is the advancement of democracy.

The modern Federal Government has used its military might to forcibly – with bayonets fixed – coerce White schoolchildren to attend classes with Af­ricans. And now look at our schools: and now look at our schools.

The modern Federal Government has done all this and more with its military might – that we paid for – yet the modern Federal Government is helpless in the face of unarmed hordes swimming north­wards across the Rio Grande.

The modern Federal Government has applied uni­form standards of justice to Whites and non-Whites alike. ZOG has done this despite the fact that said stan­dards are functionally applicable only to our People. Thusly, the Bastards have turned our criminal justice system into an endless cycle of non-white perpetrators and White victims. Whites are taxed so as to pay the salaries of the black-robed Whores and to compensate the vast legions of the undead – the lawyers – who suck at the public teat like master vampires at a blood bank.81 The media become audio-visual sewers, the borders are thrown open, the cities are Zio-morphed into breed­ing pens for the non-Whites, the Africans run buck wild, Judah counts his money between fits of laugh­ter, and lotus-eating White wage slaves assume thirty-year mortgages to move to freshly deforested82 tracts of soulless housing developments in the hinterlands (the White man’s ghettos). And the process starts anew. The Creator’s creatures – who have as much right as us to the land, to the air, to the water,83 to live, and to Ascend space-time via the cosmic Chiral Spiral – get shoved out, suffer, and eventually die out: cheap labor, cheap votes, cheap souls, scorched84 earth, Zionist Overlords. For this, for this, by God, ZOG will pay. He, who loves money more than life itself, shall have neither.

The modern Federal Government uses the non-White crime wave as an excuse for whittling away even further at our basic civil liberties, and all the while, anti-White groups lobby and agitate for greater rights, special protections, and more White tax money for the non-White criminals.

The modern Federal Government has denied all as­pects of autarky, sovereignty, autonomy, independence, and liberty to European Descended People; instead, it has converted us into atomized, materialistic indi­vidualists, yet it has encouraged and funded – with White tax money – all shades, variations, and sorts of non-White and Jewish cohesiveness, group solidarity, identity, special privileges, and recognition.

The modern Federal Government has foisted upon European Descended Americans a dubious system of income taxation. This income tax system was never rat­ified by popular vote, but rather, plutocratic interests in the form of the 16th Amendment (to the U.S. Con­stitution) pushed it through Congress and then on to ratification in 1913: the same year in which the bogus “Federal” Reserve was inaugurated and the Götterdäm­merung-inducing “Anti-Defamation” League was founded and the federalism confounding 17th Amend­ment was connived.

The modern Federal Government was born in the aftermath of a bloody, bitter, and prolonged war; forces hostile to our People instigated this war. The American Fratricidal War resulted in the inversion of the frame­work of government bequeathed to us by our Founding Fathers.

Whereas the antebellum Federal Government was a genuine federal system, possessed a meaningful scheme of checks and balances, and was truly limited in both delegated powers and sovereign scope, the postbellum Federal Government is a mockery of its former incar­nation: one-third of the modern Federal Government (i.e., the U.S. Supreme Court, a.k.a. the judicial branch, the Zionist fifth column, the Talmudists’ Trojan horse) has taken upon itself the role of declaring “what the law is,” and the “law” has been a relentless power-grab on the part of the executive and legislative branches: this power-grab has been and is being enabled by that very same U.S. Supreme Court.

The Rats became the Guardians of the proverbial cheese, and one-third of the modern Federal Govern­ment has dedicated itself to handing over as much pow­er as it can, as fast as it can, to the other two branches of the modern Federal Government.

And why?

How else to shove non-Whites down our throats? How else to ram non-Whites into our schools? How else to thrust non-Whites into our neighborhoods? How else to inject non-Whites into our gene pool? How else to set the stage for a massive invasion by non-Whites, both legal and illegal, into our North American White Homeland? How else to pave the way for relegating the White man to the status of a fifth-class citizen? How else to put the wheels in motion for the destruction of the European Descended People of North America? How else to prepare the “arsenal of democracy” for deindustrialization? How else to create the dystopian menagerie so desired by the Jewish anthropologist Franz Boas? How else to realize the objectives of the Jewish Frankfurt School’s “politically-correct” move­ment? How else to effectuate Edward Bernays’ fabrica­tion of a modern, reified medieval fiefdom – that is to say, a reifdom? How else to gestate – from behind the Cable Curtain – a conflicted, hodgepodge anti-nation85 of neurotic, TV addled, and sex-fixated Freudian Couch potatoes? (The kosher cashing-in on which entails the only form of “free association” allowed the White man by Judah.) All this and more was done to further the global plutocratic and international Jewish-Zionist agendas.

Now the Bastards in the modern Federal Govern­ment have the chutzpah to talk about “Homeland De­fense”! Where have they been for the past fifty years? That was the time to debate “homeland defense” – not now: We no longer have a homeland to defend! But they didn’t want a debate. Can you see that? They just wanted to ram their agenda down our throats – and that’s ex­actly what they did – and that’s exactly how they’re go­ing to try to finish us off: one judicial decree at a time, one “hate crime” law after another, with more and more teeth, until finally merely advocating the survival of the White race will be a “hate crime,” while implementing policies that will destroy the White race will be ratio­nalized as universal love and brotherhood.

The modern Federal Government is planning more malignant neglect of European Descended People. ZOG’s blueprint for White genocide entails ever more kowtowing to the Ichor-sucking Zionist-Jews; the godless, banausic international plutocrats; the myo­pic, Zio-morphed, politically-correct, nimbus-numbed Christians; and the anti-White, militant “minority” supremacists. There will be waves of yet more Judeo-corporate media lies, non-white immigration, and soaring non-White birth rates, and Judah will step-up his campaign of anti-White law enforcement, harassment, and intimidation.

Again, the aforementioned power-grab on the part of the modern Federal Government – so ably orches­trated and facilitated by the anti-White “mainstream” media, the U.S. Supreme Court, and the organized interests of the plutocracy – was designed to bypass the resistance of the White man and circumvent and ren­der useless anything but physical White self-defense. And what of physical White self-defense? It was the edict of the Supreme Court that integrated the schools, but it was the executive branch that sent the army – with bayonets fixed – into Little Rock, and it was the legislative branch that looked the other way, not be­cause they were opposed to what was happening, but because they didn’t have the courage to face their White constituencies: so, they simply claimed it was a case of a Supreme Court gone awry – and that was that.

How else for Judah to rule his newly conquered ter­ritory but through concentrating and centralizing as much power as could be concentrated and centralized, so that it became and is still becoming that much more the easier and efficient for Judah to buy the politicians, to cut deals with a corrupt and treasonous plutocratic elite, and to whip-up non-Whites into spasms of violence against European Descended People.

Regarding this latter Zionist objective of non-White violence against our People, the public schools’ anti-White “pedagogy” (for example: White guilt, non-White suffering, calls for violent revenge and economic restitution, and the enshrining of the “Holocaust” into curriculums all across the country) has ensured Judah of an army of White-hating, violent, litigious non-White minions and simultaneously has reduced us to the state of quivering, guilt-ridden, politically-correct sheep: all set and ready for transport to our slaughter and our concomitant de­scent into the Abyss of a dark illimitable ocean, with­out bound.

This is Judah’s revenge – The Eternal Revenge – sal­vation from which we can look to no one but ourselves.

All history is the history86 of the evolutionary transubstantiation87 of matter to Spirit via biologi­cal-life processes of Blood and Reason. It is within the intermediate, transmutative realm of appearances that the modern Federal Government has bastardized and corrupted our economic system, such that the money-power now serves ZOG in the following two ways:

a. Money is a mechanism of control


b. Money is a medium of exploitation

The Judeo-capitalist concentrates his wealth even as he balkanizes our Blood, yet the Jewish bloodline-gene pool is protected at all costs. The modern Federal Government speaks of “free trade” and “free markets,” even as it enslaves our People, exports our industries, conspires with insatiable international plutocrats, ca­pitulates to the organized power of world Jewry, and floods our Homelands with non-Whites and concomi­tant cheap labor. Control is the bastard child of depen­dency, and through a prolonged, incessant, and adamant campaign of economic concentration and centralization – via the capitalist dynamic – the Judeo-plutocracy has made European Descended People and ALL the Peoples of the world, utterly and without recourse, hostages to the Judeo-plutocracy’s global economic tentacles of control and exploitation. Every noble aspiration, human motivation, and lofty philosophic system – every synapse and impulse that separates sentient flesh from dead matter, that elevates base reflex to higher rational thought, that transforms banal existence to sublime life, that provides inspiration for us to colonize the uni­verse – the Jew has sworn eternal enmity and hostility to; until finally transcendency drifts away, like smoke in the night, and all that remains is coarse, petty, mean, dehumanizing, materialistic agora-Mammonism and a mongrelized, balkanized, ethnropied sub-humanity: soulless, race-less, ahistorical, anomic, atomized, bas­tardized wage slaves imprisoned on a kosher, ecologi­cally devastated88 planetary plantation, fit only to serve the rootless, global Judeocracy and its transnational clique of treasonous, cosmopolitan collaborators. Judah strips us of genuine, authentic, organic human freedom and, in its place, force-feeds us politically-correct, jun­gle freedom, and then he congratulates himself for his enlightened beneficence. The Judeocratic-plutocratic mission on this earth89 is nothing less than this: the stripping, debasing, and denuding and the naked, brutish transmogrification of all sentient, organic con­sciousness-bearing matter-energy space-time entities away90 from harmonic bio-immanence and toward the insentient, the material, the obligatory, the fractionalized, ethnropy, balkanization, deconstruction, sterility, aconsciousness, consumption, meaninglessness, lifelessness, commodifi­cation: nothing less than anti-evolution,91 decay, desti­tution, and decomposition. The Jew is the harbinger of death and dissolution, and Judah – the satanic gremlin – rides on the wings of the owl of Minerva. 

Capitalism is the art of sucking more blood into one’s self than is sucked out of one’s self, and the modern Federal Government has made money the sole means to acquire and retain political power; it has done this to ensconce the plutocratic elite in their imperial posi­tions of privilege and predominance. Thusly, ZOG has locked out of significant political participation any true patriot and honest White man who would rise-up and speak-out against the evil monstrosity that the modern Federal Government has become. The Beast has done this because the inner party knows it cannot buy-off a real White patriot; therefore, White patriots must be ridiculed, condemned, hounded,92 imprisoned, and al­lowed no peace; this the Jewish-Zionists93 – with their media, money, and Federal-ZOG pit-bull enforcers – have done impeccably.

The modern Federal Government has brought a non-White and Jewish-Zionist94 plague upon us; this plague has ravaged our People, burned our cities, plun­dered our treasury, and ruined the lives of our People.

The modern Federal Government is, at this time, preparing for even greater influxes of large armies of non-Whites, an invasion by default, to complete the works of death, desolation, and tyranny, already begun with circumstances of cruelty and perfidy scarcely par­alleled in the most barbarous of ages; its actions are to­tally unworthy the government of any civilized White nation.

The modern Federal Government has consistently turned a blind eye toward that most despicable practice – White slavery – and it has passively watched as alien powers have agitated that our women become whores for the world.

The modern Federal Government has allowed alien powers to excite domestic insurrections among us, as in the Los Angeles Rebellion, and it has endeavored to bring on the inhabitants of foreign lands, the mer­ciless African *savages*, whose known rule of warfare is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes, and conditions, as in Haiti, Zimbabwe / Rhodesia, and Azania / South Africa.

In every stage of these oppressions, we have peti­tioned for redress in the most humble terms; our re­peated petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A prince, whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free People.

We have not been wanting in attention to our “elected” Federal officials. We have warned them, from time to time, of attempts by their legislature to extend an unwarrantable jurisdiction over our Species. We have reminded them of the circumstances of our emigration and settlement in North America. We have appealed to their native justice and magnanimity, and we have conjured them, by the ties of our common Kindred, to disavow these usurpations, which would inevitably interrupt our Hallowed Order and Ascensional Transu­dation. They have been deaf to the voice of Justice and Consanguinity. We must, therefore, acquiesce in the necessity that denounces our Eternal Separation, and we must hold them, as we hold the rest of mankind, enemies in war, in peace – *friends*.

We, therefore, the European Descended People, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the cosmos for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the name and by the authority of our Ontic Essence and Vital Force, solemnly publish and declare that these united European De­scended People are and of right ought to be a free and independent People: that we shall endeavor to absolve all allegiance to the modern Federal Government, and we shall endeavor to bring about the total dissolution of all political connection between us and the modern Federal Government, and as a free and independent People, we seek the power to do all acts and things which an independent People may of right do. And, for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our Sacred Blood.



Big Bang <space-time * matter-energy ~ evolution> Spirit

light to Light!95

This document is dedicated to the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act.

immanence  transcendence

Shake off all the fears of servile prejudices, under which weak minds are servilely crouched. Fix reason firmly in her seat, and call on her tribunal for every fact, every opinion. Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason than that of blindfolded fear.

–– Thomas Jefferson ––